UAUi (Iconoclast) designed an experiment of aural entanglement with quantum concepts pulling from a wide range of elements: classical, gothic rock and metal, triphop, ethnic/world, pop jazz and even techno/house. Electronic music enthusiasts Erwin Zamora (the Strangers – bass, keyboards), composed most of the songs, then arranged and remixed by Uaui (Iconoclast). While Mario Zialcita (Five Wounds to Enter – drums, vocals) and Lovell de Mesa (Iconoclast – guitars), incorporated their gothic musical experiences. Added the vocal prowess’s of banshees: Malaine Mejias (Saffron Speedway, Five Wounds to Enter) and Kardia Chavez (Oremuz), then topped it off with avant garde strings of Ak Ocol (indie artist). Multidimensional lyrics are realized by Marian Pangan (Scum). Ethereal visuals and theatrics complete the existentialism.